Tournament Report

See the detailed tournament report for the 2015 Washington State Individual Championship.

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2015 State Individual Championship

State Individual 2015 took place at Lakeside School in Seattle January 23-24. Over 90 players competed, with approximately 20 in the Championship, 20 in the Premier (U1600), and 50 in the Reserve (U1200).

The Reserve section, a field filled with Seattle Prep players, nearly 20 of them, saw lots of terrific games and new learning opportunities for players. Ultimately, Michael Patrick, of Seattle Prep, prevailed with a perfect 5/5!

The Premier section was very tightly contested with lots of draws and several close battles that ultimately proved decisive one way or the other. Ultimately it was Aidan O’Neill of Lakeside and Will Rianda of Ferndale who emerged at the top with 4/5 a piece (3 wins and 2 draws each, including 1 draw to each other). This brought us to the greatest spectacle in WA State Chess, the 3 minute 2 second delay speed playoff! Even that game was neck and neck until ultimately Aidan prevailed to take the title.

The Championship section, with a ticket to the Denker Tournament of High School Champions on the line, was one of the strongest fields we’ve ever seen, with 2 Master players, and several Experts headlining the field. Master sophomore twins Daniel He and Samuel He stayed on boards 1 and 2 for the majority of the tournament, demonstrating their strong play consistently. In round 3, Expert Freshman Noah Fields, from Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, scored the upset on board 1 against Daniel! Entering round 4, Noah and Samuel were the only two perfect scores, and Noah scored the upset again on board 1 against Samuel! In the final round, Noah faced Senior Expert James Colasurdo of Olympia, a game which ultimately ended in a draw, securing the title of WA State High School Champion for Noah Fields with 4.5/5! The Master bros tied for 2nd with 4 points apiece. Kudos to all on a job well done.

Siva Sankrithi

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Mini-Teams, Dec 2014

Mini Teams 2014 saw 38 teams of 3 or 114 players competing at Interlake High School in Bellevue in an epic 5-round-Swiss tournament Saturday December 6. Students competed from middle and high schools all over Washington state.

Redmond, seeking to repeat, led by twin National Masters Daniel and Samuel He, once again took care of business, each finishing with perfect 5s to lead the Redmond team to 12.5/15 and the repeat championship!

Two other individuals scored perfect 5s on the day, namely Interlake board 1 Faris Gulamali and Skyline player Kevin Zhao! Other undefeated individuals were Sangeeta Dhingra, ICS board 1, Noah Yeo, Overlake board 1, only drawing each other in the final round, and Ferndale player Will Rianda.

Kudos to all on a great tournament! See report.

Siva Sankrithi

Final Standings Points Tiebreak
1 – Redmond 12.5
2 – Skyline A 11.0 (41)
3 – Overlake 11.0 (40.5)
4 – Inglemoor A 10.5 (37)
5 – ICS 10.5 (36.5)
6 – Issaquah A 10.5 (35.5)
7 – Heritage Christian 10.0
8 – Lakeside 9.5 (40.5)
9 – Interlake Saints 9.5 (33)
10 – Interlake Dawgs 9.0 (37)
11 – Seattle Country Day 9.0 (33.5)
12 – Ferndale A 8.5 (37.5)
13 – Seattle Prep A 8.5 (37)
14 – Sehome 8.5 (36.5)

Also, medals went to all 5-0 scoring players. This included:
1st board: Daniel He (Redmond)
1st board: Faris Gulamali (Interlake Saints)
2nd board: Samuel He (Redmond)
3rd board: Kevin Zhao (Skyline A)

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2014 WA State Team Championship

The 2014 State Team Championship occurred on Feb 28 – Mar 1 at Issaquah High School in Washington State. I published a slideshow of more than 180 photos for your enjoyment, download, sharing, yearbooks and newspaper articles.

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Newport High School in first place!
  • Lakeside School in second place by one-half point
  • Interlake High School in third place.
Final Standings tiebreak points
NEWPORT 62 19.5
OVERLAKE 59.5 15.5
EASTLAKE 57.5 15.5
GARFIELD A 61.5 13.5
FERNDALE B 54.5 13
BELLEVUE 59 12.5
MARINER 56 12.5
SEHOME 51.5 12.5
LAKESIDE B 51.5 12
INGRAHAM 49.5 12
SNOHOMISH 45.5 11.5
OTHELLO 44.5 6.5
LA CENTER 40 6.5

You can see your new ratings from the State Championship Results here.

Barry Hansen

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2014 WA State Individual Championship

The 2014 State Individual Championship was held on Jan 31 – Feb 1 at Bothell High School in Washington State.

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Three-way tie for State Champion between James Colasurdo, Michael Wang and Samir Sen, all scoring 4.0 points. This will be resolved in a play-off session to be arranged.
  • Premier section winner Max Dixon
  • Reserve section winner Jim Kahle

You can view and download photos here and get your new ratings from the State Championship Results here.

Many thanks to our hard-working WHSCA volunteers for a smooth-running event!

Register now for the state Team Championship coming up soon on February 28 – March 1, 2014 at Issaquah High School.

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USCF Ratings and Adjustments

A note about USCF ratings and adjustments: We will continue Ollie’s practice of updating NWSRS ratings to match USCF ratings if:

  1. Your USCF ID is included in the NWSRS database. To find out if it’s included, go to this page, and open the “Ratings File in Excel Format (Zipped)”. Find your record in the spreadsheet and look to see if your USCF information is listed in the last several columns. If it’s not there, email your state ratings coordinator.
  2. And your USCF “regular” rating has been established. That is, if the USCF database has a “provisional” rating then the NWSRS will make no adjustment. A provisional rating is usually defined by USCF for players with less than 25 USCF-rated games.
  3. And your USCF rating is higher than your NWSRS rating.

For the date of the most recent ratings adjustment, see the bottom of this page.

For more than you ever wanted to know about our rating system, see:

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HS State Individual Championship Jan 25-26

Happy Holidays! For friends and relatives of high school chess players, this is a good time to think of ways you can help support your favorite chess player. Maybe there are some good books, some software for chess, an upgraded clock or other hardware suitable for Christmas!

Remember, the Washington High School State Individual Championship is coming soon on January 25-26. It will be held at Lakeside School in Seattle. Keep your eye on for upcoming announcements and further details.

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Mini-Teams Championship Saturday Nov 17

The Mini-Teams tournament is coming this weekend to Interlake High School. Please put a team together, or encourage individuals to register and we’ll put them on a team! Great experience for newcomers before they head into the new league season.

Register by Friday 3pm, 11-16-2012, by e-mail. See Mini-Teams announcement here.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Glad to help.
Best, Dave Ellinger, WHSCA

PS: State Individual: Jan 25-26
State Team: Feb 8-9

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2012 Elementary State Concludes

Congratulations to all those participating at WA Elementary State this year! Over 850 players braved the mountains and crossed the desert to “Duel in the Desert”.

Several Parents have asked where they can provide feedback to the folks running the event. You can send your comments to the WSEEC Policy Board ( that oversees the event as well as this year’s organizer (

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2012 WA State Team Championship

The 2012 State Team Championships were held on February 24-25. It was a rainy weekend at Issaquah High School, but their freshly remodeled school provided a wonderful and comfortable facility for the event.

We have a huge photo album and slide show for your enjoyment here, more than 340 pictures from photographers Ed McPherson and Barry Hansen. Or click here to download all photos to your local hard drive, a large Zip file (125 MB) containing 340+ high-resolution pictures.

Our top teams of Washington State:

  1. Lakeside A (22 points)
  2. Interlake (18.5 pt)
  3. Newport (16.5 pt)
  4. Garfield (16.5 pt)
  5. Mercer Island (14 pt)

The top five Junior Varsity players:

  1. Andrew Tat (Lakeside)
  2. Kunal Roy (Interlake)
  3. Richard Xu (Bellevue)
  4. Zealous Zhu (Garfield)
  5. Cameron Cameron (Interlake)

Many thanks to our hard-working WHSCA volunteers for a smooth-running event!

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